We don’t just call it the Magic Press Pass for no reason.  Whether or not you knew it, you have bought into an ecosystem when you purchased our Pass.  Whereas our competitors are happy to sell you a Press Pass (that costs more than ours), we offer a complete package.

Here are current set of Press Pass Extras that come with your Magic Press Pass purchase:

  1. A working email address @ Media Network Online (3 months now 6 months for a limited time only).  You’ll be able to send and receive email from a professional address which will help you get into elite events that require you to apply in advance for event specific press credentials.
  2. Access your MagicPressPass email your way: webmail access and POP/IMAP support (3 months now 6 months for a limited time only).  Easily send and receive emails in the way most convenient for you.
  3. Inclusion of your name and photo @ Media Network Online (3 months now 6 months for a limited time only).  We’ll put your name, photograph, and brief biography on one of our media sites so that if you’re reference checked, you can explicitly prove your association with a media outlet.
  4. Outlet for your articles, opinions, and photos (A Lifetime Benefit).  We’re happy to publish your articles, photos, images that you take while representing on of our media outlets.  You’ll get all the credit and you’re welcome to link to a website you’d like to promote within the articles.

How much do the Press Pass Extras cost once the free trial period expires?

Just $1/month.  12 months for just $12.

So you’re saying I have to pay just to keep using my Magic Press Pass?

Absolutely not.  Your Pass is yours to keep for your lifetime and has no date of expiration and is always valid.  We offer our WebExtras service as a way to provide additional benefits that we feel add significant value to your Magic Press Pass experience.  These services do have costs and we try to charge the bare minimum that we can to offer them to you.

Will you automatically charge me?  

No way.  We only want to bill you if you explicitly agree to purchase the Press Pass Extras services.  We’ll contact you at the end of the free trial expiration and give you a chance to join at that time.

How do I take advantage of these extras?

In the future we will automate this process, but in the meantime, we’ll be in touch with the email you provide us during the purchase process.

Ready?  Let's go!


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